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Weekly Summary…A Bit Late And Weigh In

Where did the week go? It just flew by and I haven’t written anything here at all. I have a few thoughts I want to write about this week, I just need to do a little research and get my thoughts in order, but posts are coming!

Last week was an OK week. I’m still not doing any cardio activity due to my right foot, but I did get three days of strength training in. I’m managing two sets of my arm exercises with no real problem now, so I’m improving there. And push ups! I usually dread push ups, but those are getting somewhat easier. And I’m not talking about “girlie” push ups, these are MAN push ups. I’m doing two sets of fifteen and they’re getting pretty easy. So, as much as I dread them, I plan on adding another set of fifteen. I don’t go down to the floor all the way, but I go as far as I can without feeling like I’ll fall on my face. I’m sure if a real trainer saw how I do them, they’d tell me to get lower. Ah well, I do them my way.

I did have a few nights of “bad” desserts last week. I had chocolate pudding one night, coffee crumb cake another night, and Nilla wafers with a peanut butter, powdered sugar mixture spread on top two nights. I allow myself two nights of bad desserts, but I went a little overboard last week. I checked my ranges for the week, and I need to watch my fat intake and my calorie range since I’m still not able to get on my elliptical quite yet. I was over my range for calories three days and my fat range four days I believe. And that is why, my weight crept up again. Yep, this morning was weigh in and I’m back up three pounds. That’s OK though. It’ll get back down once my foot is 100%. When that will be, I don’t know.

As far as me wearing my shoes, I did wear my tennis shoes all day last Tuesday. I didn’t really feel a difference though, so that was the only day I wore my shoes all day. My foot did feel a bit better on Saturday when we went to see the movie District 9 (movie was way over hyped). It still ached, but I got no real twinges at least.

My plan for this week is just like last week. Three days of strength training and watch the bad desserts. Keep on moving all!

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