Weekly Summary And Weigh In

I did OK last week. I was a bit better with the dessert thing, although I did have four Oreos last night. One serving of Oreos is three cookies. And I’ve come to realize, I’m no longer a huge fan of Oreos. I used to love Oreos, but now, meh, I can do without. I’m happy with my chocolate Special K.

My exercise last week went great. I did two days of my usual strength training, and on Wednesday I had my house cleaning workout. Adding in an extra set of “manly” push ups is going to be fine I think. I did three sets of 15 on Friday and this morning. The third set was a bit of a struggle this morning, but I did it. I feel stronger with my entire weight routine with my arms. If I had a higher set of dumbbells I’d be contemplating going up in poundage. But the highest I have are 8 pounders, so I’ll think about just adding another set of 15. Not at the point yet, but will get there. As it is, my husband told me Friday I had “Jennifer Aniston arms”. I had to laugh at that. Fine with me! I love her arms!

I tested out my foot on the elliptical this morning, and it’s still a no go. I had no pain at all Sunday and very little on Saturday. I did two tenths of a mile and had to stop. Not where I’d like it to be at this point. I am glad however, that I discovered I’ve only been off the elliptical for one month and not two. So that makes me feel a little better about taking more time off. I plan to take one more week off, maybe two and go from there. I may look into buying new shoes as well. Not sure though.

I did put a folded towel under my left foot to give that a leg a boost, and that will help again I think. I also concentrated on shifting my weight more back and forth and pushing with my whole foot. The shifting of my weight won’t be a problem, but pushing with my whole foot will take time and practice. I find myself slipping back to the toe pushing very easily. But I will work on it and it will get there. Just need to rest my foot a little more.

Oh yes, I did weigh in this morning, and I am down a pound. That’s fine, since last week I was up three I believe. And that was most likely due to the dessert thing that week.

The plan for this week is three days strength training, and rest the foot. Already have one day down so it’s a good start!

How are your workout plans set for this week?

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