Thoughts About Bon Jovi’s We Weren’t Born To Follow Video

I’ll start out by saying that most of my friends and family know that I am a huge Bon Jovi fan. When I say huge, I mean huge! I’ve seen them in concert twice and they’re the only band I can exercise to. I’ve tried different bands to workout to, and they just don’t get the job done. Don’t get me wrong, I do like other groups, but there’s something about Bon Jovi that pushes me where I need to go.

I first discovered their music I think when I was in fifth grade, certainly by sixth. Since that time, the members of Bon Jovi and their music have been a big part of my life. It was their music I turned to when I was having a bad day. When I got teased and looked at funny by other students, I remembered particular lyrics in their songs that got me through that moment. When I don’t think I can go another five or ten minutes on my elliptical, I just tell myself “that’s one or two more Bon Jovi songs you get to hear”.

On that note, I’m a bit perturbed by their new video that was released just a few days ago. The song We Weren’t Born To Follow came on the airwaves not too long ago, and it’s the theme to the Major League Baseball season. That’s all well and good. I believe their song Who Says You Can’t Go Home from the Have A Nice Day album was the MLB’s theme song a few years ago.

I’ve known for a long time now that Bon Jovi were huge democrats. I don’t know if it was the whole band, but I know Jon Bon Jovi helped campaign for John Kerry, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. And that’s also fine. Where I have a problem though, is when they insert political issues into their videos. They have shots of Obama in the video (as well as Al Gore), and I sort of get a bad feeling when I see that. I’m in no way shape or form a political person. I don’t follow politics at all, but I do know that Obama isn’t living up to what he said he would.

I’ve also read where Bon Jovi went after the McCain/Palin party, getting after them about using their music for their campaign. This is kind of disappointing to me because if you listen to any of Bon Jovi’s songs their lyrics are uplifting and positive. Most of their songs talk about standing up for what you believe in, and to keep on fighting when things get tough. When I listen to their songs, I don’t associate them with one political party or another, but I associate them with the entire human race. So when one political party is told not to use their music (or that of any other band, I think I remember the band Heart telling McCain/Palin to not use their Barracuda song during their campaign too), I get kind of annoyed.

In the We Weren’t Born To Follow video there are also shots of the miraculous Hudson River plane crash, shots from NASA and a shot of a basketball team that looked to be a part of the Special Olympics and of course the shot of Lance Armstrong holding his trophy. Those are great shots, because they signify accomplishments great and small that everyone can be proud of. Everyone can be proud of Lance Armstrong for overcoming all that he has to win the Tour De France. Everyone can be thankful and grateful about the Hudson River plane incident and be very proud of Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger’s heroic efforts. And everyone can be proud about the competitors in the Special Olympics. But Obama? Does he really fit in with this upbeat and positive song? Not in my opinion.

It has me wondering. If I was in charge of a particular cause that Bon Jovi didn’t believe in, would they come after me for using a song of theirs? They obviously don’t support the republican party, so what if they didn’t support whatever cause I was standing for? Am I automatically banned from their “allowed to play” list?

I’m not saying I won’t buy any more Bon Jovi albums ever again, but I am saying I disagree with some of their opinions, political or otherwise. I disagree that political images were placed into their music video. I’m going to ignore their political views and just keep enjoying their songs. I’ll keep being inspired to keep on going by their music. I needed to write this down for my own peace of mind. I’ll take Bon Jovi’s advice when they say to take one of their songs and make it your own. Take the song Have A Nice Day. I had no idea what their interpretation of that song was originally. I took it to mean that if things weren’t going your way to just smile and move on. Smile and say “have a nice day” no matter how upset you are with someone. I found out later that is was written for that exact reason, but their reason for saying it was because George W. Bush had just been elected and they are basically saying “screw you” to the republicans.

I think from now on, I’m not going to listen to anymore interviews done with Jon Bon Jovi, as much as it pains me (and knowing me I’ll sill listen), because when I hear things like that, it makes me sad. So, I’ll just be happy with the upbeat songs and not worry what the actually meaning to them are. I’ll make my own meaning for them. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the members any less, just their views on certain things. It also doesn’t mean i don’t think the guys in the band are any less attractive, hehehe. Yes, they’re in their 40’s and 50’s now, but they still look damn good!

  1. Anonymous
    October 12, 2009 at 11:31 am

    I couldn't have said it better!

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