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Long Time No Post

Well, let’s see. The last time I entered anything here was at the beginning, or near the beginning of November. I was busy with NaNoWriMo, and I’m happy to report that I completed it and am considered a winter. As a winner I received three pictures that I have saved on my computer. The one you see here is one of those. It was a great experience to have taken part in the NaNoWriMo, and know that I can complete 50,000 words in one month if I push myself to do so. I am looking forward to November 2010 so I can do it all over again. I will need to do some preliminary work, such as more detailed character creation and also storyline direction.

As far as my exercising goes, I am back to where I was about a year ago. I am back to doing one mile three days a week on my elliptical. I took my time and didn’t rush myself. I started out slow doing three days a week at 3/10 of a mile then the next week I did 4/10 and so on. I am still taking a few breaks during my mile, but I am finishing it.

I had to take about a week off, or maybe 10 days because I was sick with a really weird cold. Everybody in this house as well as the entire family got this nasty bug. We had everybody down for a joint anniversary party, and our two year old niece was running around the house with a runny nose and sniffling. We also went to Outback that night for dinner, so it’s possible we picked it up there, but I am inclined to think it was from our two year old niece.

The cold hit anybody in a different way. For me, it started out as a sore throat, and then worked its way into my ears and nose. I also had a headache and was very tired, having no energy to do anything. My husband, mother in law, and our 18 year old nephew had those same symptoms as well as a very nasty cough as well as an upset stomach. My brother in law kept teasing us saying that we all had the swine flu. We did not have the swine flu, thank you very much, it was just a nasty cold.

Other than that, not a whole lot has been going on. I enjoyed some time off from writing after a whole month of getting in two thousand words every day. I am slowly getting back into writing however, and that is a good thing.

For now I will keep this short, but I will write more later. I’ve got a few ideas that I would like to write about. Until then, keep on moving.

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