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"The Spark" By Chris Downie

It’s official! I have a quote in the book written by Chris Downie called “The Spark”. The book appeared on store shelves today, December 29, 2009. My quote can be found on page 60 in chapter four. It’s exciting to see my words in print, attached with one of the most popular healthy lifestyle web sites on the Internet today.

has helped me in many ways. It has not only taught me about nutrition and exercise, but it has also taught me how to set attainable goals. It has provided me with all the right tools to track by progress not only with my food intake and exercise tracking, but also with public and private forums to get support from other members on the web site. The site has a special section where you can ask the “coaches” for advice and with help in general. The questions are answered very quickly and the coaches are very knowledgeable.

I have yet to read through the entire book, but I’m about to sit down right now and start reading. I did have to skim through the book right away to see if my quote did in fact may get into the book. I was very pleased to see that it had. Hopefully people who are struggling not only with losing weight but accomplishing other goals will see my words and feel that anything is possible.

The book “The Spark” is available in stores everywhere and I highly suggest going out and buying it right now. I feel that Chris Downie and everyone associated with SparkPpeople.com have the right approach when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy. They understand that there is no quick fix or magic pill to lose weight. It takes a lifestyle change and a want within oneself to make that change. They help people to set attainable goals and help them accomplish what they start.

Also I go to start reading, and I will be smiling the entire time.

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