Goals For 2010

Before writing this entry, I decided to have a quick lunch. I made my favorite meal of plain noodles and a side of veggies. I decided to make up the last of the green beans. Sprinkling a little bit of parmesan cheese on the noodles makes the meal tasty.

OK on to the resolutions…or should I say goals. I’m trying not to make any of the goals too large or too broad, and if they are too broad I will try to scale them down into smaller goals.

Goals for 2009:

  1. Be patient and understanding with myself. If I need to take a break from exercise I will not beat myself up about it. If I feel any discomfort at all I will stop what I’m doing and take the necessary break. I will not gripe or whine about being off my exercise routine. I will find alternate ways of getting exercise in. When I need a break from the elliptical I will do a couple of workout videos from the SparkPeople site.
  2. Stretch twice a day. This helps me tremendously. It is a fact that everybody needs to stretch, but for someone like me who has cerebral palsy, it is an absolute must. Stretching my legs not only makes them looser but also improves my balance slightly. When my legs are tight it causes me to have more issues when I walk. My legs don’t straighten all the way if I don’t stretch.
  3. Keep up with various writing goals. I would like to keep this blog active and write frequently. Other than this blog I also want to write more personal journal entries located at another site that I keep locked. Venting to my private journal allows me to get my frustrations out and not blow a gasket. Hee hee. Another writing venue I wish to still continue with is a few freelance writing sites. In the last year I’ve made some side money so I can buy some fun things that I would not normally buy for myself. And the final writing goal I want to partake in is to write more creative works. Participating in 2009s NaNoWriMo was a good start for me to take up creative writing again.
  4. Continue with positive thinking and positive self talk. When I catch myself thinking negatively I will make a point to stop mid thought and change it to something positive. If I catch myself calling myself nasty names or telling myself that I’m stupid, I will stop and take a deep breath and keep moving.
  5. Work on balance and walking. I’m not setting an end date for this goal, this is something that I will be working on forever. I will start out slow by standing up while watching TV and balancing on one foot as long as I can and then switching legs. I did this for a while last year and I think it helped a bit. I will also use my walker to get around this room. Having three cats will be a challenge for this goal, but I will do my best. The floors out in the kitchen and hallway areas are a bit uneven making my walker seem like I’m pushing a shopping cart with one bad wheel. So I will not practice out there quite yet. I will get there in time though.

I’m sure there are more goals that I can set, but these will do for now. Through the next year I will add to my goals and maybe modify my current ones as I need to.

Have a happy new year and I wish you all the best for 2010.

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