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Procrastination, Goals, And Other Things

Well I’m happy to say that my abs don’t hurt as much today as they did on Tuesday. On Wednesday I did the same pilates video I did on Monday. I was surprised that my muscles weren’t achy or sore as I did the routine. Some of the movements were easier to do the second time around, I was more limber and flexible which I was pleased about.

I plan on finishing the week using the same pilates video as I used Monday and Wednesday, and then next Monday I plan on using the second pilates video that I found and saved. I think the second video has a lot of the same movements but there are few new ones as well. I plan on switching videos each week so I’m not doing the same thing every time.

I also plan on starting on my balance and walking practice. One of the teams I belong to on SparkPeople has a challenge of setting goals. For goal number two our assignment is to identify a bad habit and replace it with something good. I decided to change my habit of procrastination on my balance and walking practice and just get it done. I intend to focus on my posture as I stand in one spot. I tend to slouch and hunch over rather than stand up straight. I need to focus on my shoulders being in line with my hips and keeping my legs straight. I will also spend 10 minutes a day as I watch TV practicing standing on 1 foot for as long as I can for 1 minute and switching to the other foot for 1 minute. I’m starting out with 10 minutes because right now that’s an easy goal to aim for.

If I feel comfortable I will attempt to use my walker around our room but if not I will not beat myself up over it. I will tell myself it’s OK not take a step for two. I will just stand in one spot with my walker just to get a feel for it again.

I tried something new to yesterday for a snack and I was surprised how good it was. I tried the Fiber One chewy bars, the oats and chocolate flavored ones. I tried their cereal a few years ago and couldn’t stand it. It was so dry and not very tasty I had a hard time finishing one bowl. But these bars are pretty tasty and not dry at all. I plan on buying more of these for an afternoon snack.

I think tonight is a fast food night. Yesterday I was watching Bill O’Reilly on Fox News and he was talking about the new Carl’s Jr ad. It showed a salad with sliced apples and cranberries and it looked pretty good. I checked the nutritional info on their site and its 300 calories which isn’t too bad. I plan on trying it with no dressing at first and seeing what it tastes like. If it needs dressing I’ll add their low fat balsamic vinegar dressing to it.

Do you find yourself procrastinating on something you know you should do? Is there a way to break it down into smaller sections? What is holding back?

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