End Of The Week Thankfully

It’s Friday! And I’m glad the week is over. I finished up my weak doing the pilates video and my normal strength routine for my arms using 8 pound weights. I’m feeling strong with my weights and I’m thinking about upping my sets to three instead of two. Right now I do two sets of 15 but I think I can up that to three sets of 10 or maybe 15.

I’m still not doing any cardio because the shin splint in my left leg near my ankle is still giving me a problem.

I have an ankle wrap that I’ve been using and the compression of the wrap has helped a bit. I’m hoping that I’m able to get back on my elliptical soon, but if not that’s OK, I’m still doing my strength training and pilates.

I had to make an emergency buy at Amazon.com because my suction cup safety bar for the shower broke. Luckily I was finished with my shower and out of the tub when it snapped. It’s my fault though I think because of the way I take it off. I’m at an odd angle so I sort of yank on it more than I should. So I went to Amazon and bought myself a new one. I wanted to buy two, but for some reason they wouldn’t let me. Not sure why but there it is. I wanted to have an extra one on hand in case it happens again in the future. I don’t expect that it will, since this one lasted for a year and three months. It would’ve lasted more I’m sure if I hadn’t yanked on it too hard over time. C’est la vie.

For the rest of my day today I have lots of laundry to do and other cleaning around the house. So I’m off for now. Have a good weekend and keep on moving.

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