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Set Up A New "Work" Schedule For Myself

The other day I had the idea of setting up some sort of “work” schedule. I tend to procrastinate when it comes to getting any writing done. I read e-mail and blogs, play on FaceBook and Twitter, and I never get any actual writing done.

I’ve finally set up a schedule and it seems to be working so far. The hours of “work” are sort of random depending on the day. I plan to exercise Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and don’t plan to write until 10 AM. Then Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday I plan to write in the evenings for a few hours while my husband has a scheduled event in World of Warcraft. I plan on taking Saturdays off entirely, but I may write here or there anyway.

This is all just a tentative schedule. If it works, great, if I make tweaks here and there, fine. Just as long as I get some sort of writing done most days of the week. I’ll be happy with that. So far today, I’ve gotten an article for a ghost writing site done, and I finally got my workout page set up here on Blogger.

I’ve got an hour before I eat lunch, and I plan of editing some articles for eHow, and I’ll upload those to that site probably later this evening. So yeah, the schedule will work pretty well I think. As long as I resist the temptation to read blogs. That’s my biggest time sink at the moment. I love reading other people’s blogs, and seeing what they’re up to.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I intend to get back into my exercise routine. I plan on doing my normal workout routine tomorrow. I’ll see how close I come to my scheduled 10 AM writing date. I have a feeling I’ll be early, which is fine. Once I get back on my elliptical, that 10 AM deadline will be harder to make. But make it I will.

Do you all have a set schedule you keep for getting things done? How flexible are you with it? Do you have any time sinks like FaceBook or blog reading that get in the way?

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