Random Update

It’s been a bit longer than I’d like since my last entry here. I still haven’t gotten a post schedule down for this blog. I really should set a schedule, but I never seem to be able to stick with it.

My first week back on my elliptical went very well. I only did one tenth of a mile three days last week, but that was my plan. Best to start slow, and build up from there. This week, I’m up to .2 mile. It’s actually getting easier, as far as endurance. I really wanted to keep going yesterday, once I hit the .2 mark. I really thought about it. But I decided to stick with the plan and only go the .2. I may go for .3 tomorrow though.

My ankle is playing mind games on me. When I first start, it’s really stiff, and I almost convince myself to stop. But it eventually loosens up and feels great. The first couple of days, I kept thinking I felt a twinge here or there. I really do think it was my mind playing tricks on me. It doesn’t hurt at all, and I just tell myself to keep going.

Seems as though Wednesdays are my slack off days. I did do my workout, but it took me forever to get it all done. I honestly don’t know why. I got into my workout clothes around 8:15, and finished at around 10:30. It should not have taken me that long. I didn’t have that many bathroom breaks. I did do the pilates workout, and that adds about five minutes. Then after my workout, I got caught up on Biggest Loser. And that also took forever to finish. I made lunch about halfway through it. The husband got back from work, so I turned it off, and we watched the show Justified (on FX). When I finally finished Loser, it was about 5 PM.

I got absolutely no writing done, but that’s OK, I don’t have any pending assignments at the moment. I planned on writing a blog here yesterday, but time got away. Also managed to get two loads of laundry done, so that’s something.

So, today, I’m getting busy. It’s an early work day for my husband (he was actually awake by 4:45 AM and gone by the time I got up at 6 AM). I should have gotten up when he did, but that’s too early. Crazy early.

Sorry this post is so boring. I plan on addressing a question from Tina’s blog very soon.

Need to start getting my workouts done earlier, the desert heat is coming back soon, and it will be 120 before you know it. Supposed to be 90 today. Time to break out the shorts. Bah.

Have a good one.

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