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Still Going

Got in my half mile for the day on the elliptical. I went a little faster than the last couple of days, and still no problems with my ankle. I plan on finishing up the week by doing a half mile each day, and then I will go .6 miles starting Sunday. I might try and go a little faster the rest of the week, to see what happens. I think my stretching is helping a lot. I stretched my heel cords about three times before I got on the elliptical, and then once when I got off.

I just checked the status of my order for my walker, and it’s out for delivery right now. It should get here within the next hour or so I would think. It is coming from Palm Springs, which is about 30 minutes away. Looking forward to seeing what this new walker is like.

Elliptical stats for the day:
Distance-0.5 mile
Resistance level-1
Injury- None.

Virtual walk tour stats for the day:
0.5 miles today
193.8 miles since April 28, 2008
7.22 miles to Mechums River, VA, Charlottesville City County

Here is the picture of the day.


Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab

I’m happy to see it changed today. I can’t tell what the sign says, I wish I could zoom in and see.

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