Writing Sites And Mileage

I took yesterday off because I had a lot of writing that I want to get done. I now have no writing assignments at the moment, and I need to go look for more. I still have my one client over at Text Broker (well two, but they’re on the same account), but I am mainly writing for a site called Demand Media Studios. I have a love/hate relationship with this site. I have been a member of the site since March or April of this year I believe. They have various formats of writing such as the “how to” format, the “list” format, the “short answer” format, and a few others I think. I do the “how to” format.

Demand Media Studios was a site that I had always wanted to be a part of. I was always frustrated to see that they required a resume and writing samples. I didn’t have either one of those (I am working on those slowly), so I always gave up. I got brought into this site through another site called eHow. Demand Media Studios is the parent company of eHow, and eHow was changing the way they did their site. They were switching to the Demand Media Studios platform for writing. Due to this merge, I was brought into Demand Media Studios. I was very excited when I got the e-mail earlier this year.

My problem came about when I started to look for titles to write on. They have over 100,000 titles, but most of them make no sense whatsoever. For example, the title “How to Clean a Sharp SF 2052 Copier”. Luckily there are some easier titles that come around every now and then. I find most of the tiles I write under the health section or the culture section. Sometimes those sections are empty, or filled with random titles about cars. I’m glad they came up with a way to hide titles that you don’t want to see any more. That’s made everything a lot easier.

I’ve written about eight how to articles in the last two days. It takes me about an hour to write one (and that’s slow compared to most people). My process is like this. I look up titles, and claim the ones I think are going to be the easiest to write. Once I’ve got 10 (the claim limit), I look up research links. Demand Media Studios is very specific in the research links you use. They have certain web sites that are banned for use, and they like web sites that end in .edu, .gov, and sometimes .net. I never use sites that end in .com. Thank goodness for SearchEdu.com. Once I have all my research links, I get to work. The great thing about this site is that the articles have a minimum word limit of 400 words. And every article is worth $15.00 (no matter what the word count is). So if you can find 10 articles every time you search, you can make a good deal of money. My problem is always finding titles. Oh and the other good thing about the site is that they pay twice a week.

On to the fitness portion of my day. Things are still going well with my elliptical. I’m looking forward to Saturday or Sunday when I increase my time to 30 minutes. I’m trying my best to be patient. I know it’s in my best interest to take it slow using my “new” shoes. I figure I can go about .8 or .9 mile in 30 minutes. That’s really close to 1 mile, and I’ll be tempted to go further, but I will try my best not to.

Elliptical stats for the day:
Distance- .7 mile
Resistance level-1
Injury- None.

Virtual walk tour stats for the day:
0.7 miles today
197.6 miles since April 28, 2008
3.61 miles to Mechums River, VA, Charlottesville City County

Here is the picture of the day.


Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab

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