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Afternoon Mile

I normally like to get my exercise done in the morning. Lately, I’ve been slacking off big time in the exercise department. I keep coming up with excuses not to “git ‘er done”. No more excuses I say. My lack of posting on the blog this time is due to my lack of exercising.

Part of my lack of motivation has been a severe lack of balance. That led to my confidence dropping, and my mood followed. Seems like my back was partly to blame, mainly my hips. My back was way out of alignment, making it even more difficult for my legs to move. My left leg would go forward, and then sort of hitch and get stuck. It didn’t want to move past a certain point. It would move, but I felt like I’d fall if it went any further. Walking was a pain in the butt and I came close to falling more than once when I went anywhere.

Long story short, I had some issues getting around the house. Issues that didn’t used to affect me. Getting into the shower was probably the scariest issue. But I adapted and did it “my way”.  My confidence was shot, and I thought to myself “shoes always help,” so I put on my pool shoes and bingo, that did the trick. Got in the shower with little issues.

My confidence is coming back slowly. I’m still using the pool shoes, but I’m about ready to stop that. I haven’t used my walker for a good long time, probably for almost two months. That’s going to change soon too. My hips and lower back seem to be back in place, and that’s helped a lot.

Today, I debated whether or not to exercise. Finally, around 1:30 or 2:00 in the afternoon, I decided to get with it. I put on my workout gear, and busted out my 1.1 mile in 40 minutes. I took a few breaks, but all in all my endurance was great. I even saw 61 rpm at one point. I’m normally at a speed of 55 to 56 in the beginning, and slow down to 52 or 53 near the end.

Still making my way through Virginia. Here’s the photo for my mile today on the virtual walk site.

Mile 235.4



Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab

No more excuses. Keep my butt in gear and stay moving. It doesn’t matter if I have a bad day, bad week, bad month, or longer. There’s no excuse for not moving. Unless of course there’s pain involved. But if there’s no pain, I need to move my behind.

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