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Got Into A New County

I just entered Augusta county in VA today on the Virtual Walk site. I’ve still got about 14 miles to go until I hit the town of Vesvius, but I’m in a new county. I got in my 1.4 miles (or about that) today on my elliptical. Did my 50 minutes, and felt pretty good. I split up my times again today. I did 25 minutes, took a break, did 15 minutes, then did 5 minutes, took my last break, and did the last 5 minutes. I think I can increase the first set of time to 30 minutes. I’ve done 40 minutes straight before, but it’s taking a while to get to that point again. Taking short breaks helps a lot.

I took Tuesday and Thursday off, because I did increase my time to 50 minutes. I’ll most like take Saturday off and get back to it Sunday. I need to remind myself, I don’t need to do 50 minutes every time. It is OK to go for less. That’s still hard sometimes to get into my hard head.

Here’s the picture for today.

Mile 239.6



Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Rounding another corner. Wonder what’s on the other side. Have a great weekend, and don’t let that excuse stop you from moving!

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