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Miles Are Flying By And Iced Tea

A few weeks ago, our coffee maker had a disaster. Long story short, it got clogged with fat and grease from an overflowing crockpot. We tried to clean the gunk off, but it wasn’t happening We were a little hesitant to use it, not knowing if it was going to short out or explode or what. So, we bought a Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System.

Cuisinart Keurig

I love this thing. We got some K cups along with it (was in the box), and we also got some hot chocolate and Earl Gray Tea. It’s so fast. We have it set up to turn on in the morning, so all we do it push a button and we have coffee.

I had iced Earl Gray Tea this afternoon, and it tasted great. I’m still using my Teavana teapot, but it’s a nice switch every now and then. It’s getting warmer here in the desert. We’re already in the upper 80s, so the time for hot tea is drawing to a close. Bring on the iced tea. I’m not normally a fan of iced tea, but if it’s a flavored tea, I like it. Iced coffee is good too. We did a small experiment the other day. We took a coffee K cup and brewed 8 ounces of it, and then added in a hot chocolate K cup and brewed 8 ounces of that, and mixed it all together. Yum! We’ll be doing that again eventually.

So far this week, I’ve been doing great with my workouts. Haven’t missed a day so far this week. It’s only Tuesday, but it looks good. I think my idea of staggering my long elliptical workouts with shorter ones is working out well. My legs are a bit tired today, but I plan on doing one mile tomorrow. I need to remember to stretch tonight, and I should be good to go. Today I did 1.4 miles in 50 minutes. I did my usual thing by splitting up the time. I did 25 minutes, then 15, then 10. Although I split the 15 and 10 minute sections up also. My legs were tired. I did the whole thing though. My feet are tired too. I’m still using the Vasaline trick my Dad told me about, and I think if it wasn’t for that tip, I’d have blisters again.

The miles are really flying by now that I’m doing more than a mile a day some days. I’ve gone a total of 245.8 miles since April 28, 2008. We’ll see how many more miles I can get in before April 28 of this year. It will certainly be more than 250 miles. Perhaps 275? Quite possible.

Here are the last few pictures from the virtual walk site I haven’t shared yet.

Mile 243.4



Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Mile 244.4



Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Mile 245.8



Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Keep on moving!

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