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Rest Does The Body Good

I took the last several days off, because I was starting to get muscle knots in my lower legs again, particularly the left leg. I got back on the elliptical today, and things are back to normal. I did 1.4 miles in 50 minutes. Sometimes the old bod needs some rest. Tomorrow I’ll be doing my strength training and will do 35 minutes on the elliptical.

We apparently are skipping right past spring and are headed straight for summer. The forecast is saying we’re going to have a high of 98 on Thursday. Seriously? No. I am not ready for that yet.We’ll be in the upper 90s for a few days, then it supposed to drop back into the mid 80s. We’ll see. Just the other day, the high for Thursday was 91. It’s crept higher every day. Now it’s saying 98. I highly doubt we’ll drop back into the 80s.

Here are two pictures from the Walk. I never uploaded one of them from last week. I only have about .7 miles until Vesvius, VA. I’ll be passing through it tomorrow.

Mile 252



Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Mile 253.4



Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab

If you are having cool temperatures, enjoy it. I’ll be envious.

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