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Broke 100

Yep, it happened. We broke 100 degrees today. I just checked (at 2:15 PM), and it says it’s 103. So, yes, the 100 degree mark has been broken for the year. It may have broken yesterday, but the highest I saw was 99. And I said the other day they were predicting a high of 75 or something like that for the weekend. It’s now up to 80. Not bad, but I’ll believe it when it doesn’t get over 80.

I took the last couple of days off. There’s a muscle in my left foot that’s annoying me. It runs along the inner side on the foot and wraps around to the top of the foot by the big toe. Feels like a muscle knot. How does a muscle in the foot have enough room to form a knot? Feels a bit better today, so I did 1 mile on the elliptical.

Muscle knots are a big pain, literally and figuratively. I get muscle knots in my lower legs. Some days they’re OK to exercise through, others they hurt way too much. Runners often deal with this issue, and there’s a product out on the market, that flabbergasts me to help deal with knots. It’s called “The Stick”. And that’s just what it is, a stick. Are you kidding me? The price of the Stick? Anywhere from $25 to 50$. Seriously? Just use a rolling pin or part of an old curtain rod. It will do the same thing. That’s what a lot of people in the runner’s forum (a place I found when I was looking to relieve the knot) have said. I have part of an old curtain rod, and I used it. It works pretty well on the leg knots. I won’t be paying $30 or more for a stick.

That’s my opinion for the day. On to the picture of the day. I’m passing through Vesvius, VA, and am now on my way toward Lexington. I think I’ve got about 17 miles until I hit Lexington.

Mile 254.4



Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Looks like there’s not much to see in Vesvius. Pretty mountain. I was hoping to see more cars or some people.

Stay cool everyone. I’ll be chugging water like crazy.

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