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My Escape From Real Life

In a previous blog, I mentioned that it felt odd sometimes for me to say “I have cerebral palsy”. I have a few escapes from that “reality”. I read…a lot. I watch TV shows, and I play computer games. I use these outlets to forget about my “issues”. But I realize there’s one more thing I use an escape from my disability. My elliptical. I didn’t realize this until Sunday. I had a really rough time on the elliptical Sunday.

I didn’t realize how much I used my elliptical as a sort of escape until it was almost taken away from me. I first voiced that thought as I updated my mileage on the SparkPeople virtual walk/run team. I didn’t even think about it until I wrote the following board post: “Thanks for the congrats guys. I appreciate it, especially on those rough days. Today was MUCH better. My balance was a lot more stable today. I only did a mile, but I want to take it slow. I’m just really glad my balance was better today on the elliptical. I was going to get depressed otherwise. My elliptical is kind of like my escape from my disability. I really don’t want that taken away from me.”

I stopped right after I wrote that and thought for a while. Yep, that’s really how I feel about the elliptical. It’s a piece of workout equipment I am able to use totally on my own (other than a stationary bike, but I’m sitting down on those so it doesn’t really count). I can get on and off with no help, and I can go for as long as I want and feel perfectly fine. Sunday when I was having the major issues on the elliptical, it got to me. I don’t know why I had such a rough time with my balance that day. It could be the wild winds we’ve been having off and on for months that’s causing it.

The wind seems to be the most likely culprit. Since January, we’ve had strong winds off and on. Not every day, not even every week, but more often than usual. When the winds are high (and I mean gust of 50 mph or more), it stirs up all the dust and pollen and other crap in the air, and it cause my sinuses to go haywire, and I get more headaches during wind storms. My husband says that he feels off balance also when the winds are high. He also gets sinus problems and headaches at those times.

So, I’m blaming the wind partially for my latest bought of balance problems. I don’t want any of my “escapes” to be taken away from me, but my elliptical is probably the number one thing I don’t want to lose.

Stay tuned everyone. I have a very important PSA post coming sometime tomorrow (Friday), so be on the look out.

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