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Catching Up On Miles

I don’t know what is going on, but the last few weeks have really flown by. I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. I just got done watching the Biggest Loser finale. I was happy with the outcome. I couldn’t pick a favorite this time. I liked all three finalists. I was bummed that there was no marathon episode. That’s probably my favorite episode of the whole season. I don’t know why they didn’t do one this time around. If I were a part of the final four, I would get everyone together and run one anyway. It’s been a Biggest Loser right of passage for several years now.

It definitely does not feel like it’s almost June as far the temperatures go. We’ve been lucky so far, in that we’ve only had a handful of days that have been over 100 degrees. And the highest it will be in the next 7 days is 98. We even have a high as low as 84 on Sunday. Fine with me.

The last several weeks I’ve been slacking on exercise. That needs to change. I did get one mile in today, and when I looked at my fitness tracker, my last day of exercise was 5 days ago. What? Whoops. Like I said, the weeks are flying by. No wonder my endurance is lacking lately. I haven’t been consistent at all.

Here are the last three pictures from the virtual walk site. Exciting pictures this time around. People, cars and more!

Mile 269.6: Woohoo! A person walking to check the mailbox.



Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Mile 270.6: Buildings and cars!



Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Mile 271.6: Police car on the left, and a…horse and carriage on the right! How awesome is that!



Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab

I’m entering Lexington, VA even though it still says I have .44 miles to go. Looks like a pretty fun and active city!

Have a great day!

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