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The Day Is Set

I mentioned last week that my elliptical blew up, and I had a replacement in mind. Well, it’s been bought and is scheduled to be delivered Wednesday, September 14. Longest two weeks ever (I bought it last Tuesday). The when it gets here, it will need to be set up, but that shouldn’t take my husband too long, he’s pretty adept at putting thing together.

OK, so now that I won’t get jinxed (unless something goes wonky with the delivery deal), I can go into more details. I ended up getting the NordicTrack A.C.T. elliptical machine from Sears.com.

NordicTrack A.C.T.

I had no intention of spending that much in the beginning. I had a set price in mind to spend, and was going to get a similar machine as my old one. But, my husband always had one complaint about the Proform I had. The stride length was too short for him, and he didn’t feel comfortable on it.

So out of curiosity, I checked out one of the more expensive machines to see if the stride length was longer. It made a difference. I can’t remember now how we found the A.C.T. but my husband was looking around at the same time I was, and he said, “hey this one is on sale for over half off”. I checked it out, and was amazed at the sale. Over half off? Are you kidding me?

Even with it being over half off, it was still going to be about $250 over my original price range. I thought long and hard (well not too long as I had no idea how long this “online summer sale” was going to last”) and ultimately justified paying the extra money. Here are my justifications.

1. The machine is going to be used…a lot. It’s not going to just sit in the corner and not be used.

2. It comes with a 10 year warranty on parts. If I have a problem, there’s a Sears not far from the house.

3. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame.

4. Longer stride length so my husband can use it. It has at least a 21 inch stride length. It’s adjustable from an 18 inch stride length and up.

5. It’s a compact machine. I bought a “space saver” machine the first time around and had to lower the back end of the machine down to use it, then fold it back up when I was done. This is compact and I don’t have to “set it up” before using it. It’s the same size as my old machine was folded up. The Proform had the gears and drives or whatever in the back end. The NordicTrack has everything up front and on the sides.

Those are my reasons for spending more than I intended. I think I made the right decision. I’ll have this one for at least 10 years with the parts warranty, and that in itself makes it worth it.

So now, I just hope things go smoothly with the delivery. It’s not over yet. Usually I’m a positive person, but when it comes to deliveries and big machines being set up, things tend to always go wrong. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst is what I always keep in mind.

Woohoo! Only one more week (and a few days) to wait.

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