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Increasing Bit By Bit

After some thinking, I went ahead and decided to start increasing how long and how far I go on the elliptical. I think  the added distance and time has helped my endurance. On Thursday, I went a total of .7 mile and managed to do .4 mile without stopping. I also think the two days beforehand I took off helped. Tuesday was a planned rest day, Wednesday was not.

I think on my non strength training days I’ll go a bit longer and see how long I can go before my first break. I think I could have made it the whole 1/2 mile without stopping, but I think it would have been tough. On the days I do strength training, I’ll play it by ear. I’ll go at least a half mile, but I won’t worry about how many breaks I take. If I feel like going longer, I will, if I don’t, I won’t.

I am making progress though. I had a mental goal for the end of October. To be able to go 1/2 mile without stopping. I will totally make that goal. I think I’ll be able to do that in the next few days actually.

Making progress on the virtual walk also. Since my last post, I’ve gone 3 more miles. Here are the pictures from the site.

Mile 306.6                                                                Mile 307.2

306.6                  307.2

Mile 307.8                                                                Mile 308.4

307.8                 308.4

Mile 309                                                                   Mile 309.6

309                 309.6


(photo credit – Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab)

Have a great weekend, and keep moving!!

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