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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

And that’s exactly what I did. For the last 5 days or so, I’ve been having bad balance issues (even worse than usual). I’ve been avoiding certain things because of the fear of the falling sensation I described in yesterday’s blog. But I knew I had to keep moving or it would just get worse.
So, I kept repeating the phrase “feel the fear and do it anyway” which I believe Bob Harper said a time or two on The Biggest Loser (it might have been Jillian though, I can’t remember). That phrase has stuck with me since, although I might not always practice it. Today I did, and it helped.

I told myself to get on the elliptical and do just .1 mile at a time. For the first 10th of a mile I told myself to just use the side railings for support and not use the arm poles on my elliptical. I did, and yes it felt unsteady at first, but it did get easier. I got off and took a minute, then told myself to get on again for another 10th of a mile, and this time use the arm poles. Again, it felt unsteady, but got easier. After that I took it a 10th of a mile at a time. I did 1/2 mile and it was slower than normal (about 17 minutes instead of 15), but that’s OK. I wasn’t going for speed, just for the movement.

The scariest part was getting on and off. Not scary as in petrified, but still a little scary. I kept repeating that phrase over and over, and I got through it. Getting on and off didn’t get easier, but I did deal with it and got it done.

I then prepared for my shower, and brought in my “shower shoes” (just a pair of pool shoes). I haven’t needed those shoes since March or so, and I brought them in just in case. But, I persevered, and got in without them.

I won’t say the string of bad balance days are over yet, but they might coming to an end. I hope so anyway. And until it is over, I’ll feel the fear and do it anyway.

*Posted this on my SparkPeople blog, and decided to post it here also.

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