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Leslie Sansone’s 21 Day Challenge

I’m still on track with Leslie Sansone’s 21 day challenge. The third day I was sore and tired. My feet hurt. My toes hurt. I wondered if she was going to have a day off. I thought “It wouldn’t be a 21 day challenge if there was a day off.” duh. I think I’ve gotten over that tired and sore hump though. I’m rolling with the daily miles.

Here’s the run-down of the first week so far:

Day 1 – Feb. 18 – 3 miles – Missed the start day.
Day 2 – Feb. 19 – 2 miles – 5 miles done. DVD
Day 3 – Feb. 20 – 4 miles – 4 miles done. 3 miles from DVD and 1 on the elliptical.
Day 4 – Feb. 21 – 2 miles – 2 miles done. 2 miles from DVD.
Day 5 – Feb. 22 – 3 miles – 3 miles done. 2 miles from DVD and 1 on elliptical.
Day 6 – Feb. 23 – 3 miles – 3 miles done. 3 miles from DVD.
Day 7 – Feb. 24 – 2 miles – 2 miles done. 1 mile from DVD and 1 on the elliptical.

So, tomorrow is day 7 and it’s an easy day with only 2 miles. She hasn’t posted the mileage yet for week two, but I hope she does that tomorrow. My plan for tomorrow is to do 1 mile from the DVD and then 1 on the elliptical. The DVD miles are about 13 minutes each. I do a mile on the elliptical in about 33 minutes. I was planning to do the last mile today on the elliptical, but I couldn’t “see” myself on there for 30 minutes, so I just the third mile on DVD.

I notice a pattern. I do the elliptical every other day. That’s fine for now. I’ll get to the point where I’ll do the elliptical every day. Before the challenge started, I was doing both every day, although I would take a rest day here and there.

Once the challenge is done, I plan on doing one mile on the DVD (at least) and one mile on the elliptical six days a week. I hope she does another challenge after this one. It helps me stay active and on track if I have a schedule to follow. Otherwise, I take more days off than I should.

Once she posts the mileage goals for week 2, I’ll put them up here. I’m looking forward to the “easy” day tomorrow. Plus I have strength training tomorrow too. As Leslie would say, “Come on feet!”

Keep moving!

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