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Monday Monday

Monday’s are always a pain. Coming off the weekend there’s a lot to catch up on. But it’s all done now.

Today’s workout was strength training which takes about 45 minutes now that I’m doing two sets of my arm exercises. I also did 3 of the 5 miles on the 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk DVD, and 1 mile on the elliptical. So, combined strength training and cardio took me a little under 2 hours. That’s not including breaks for water, breakfast (quick bowl of Kashi GoLEAN Crisp and blueberry yogurt cup) or anything like that. I need to see if I can get started earlier than I do, especially on strength training days. We’ll see what happens.

I got in a total of 4 miles today, which is great. Tomorrow is a rest day, and I intend to clean off my desk. It’s not too messy, it just needs a good dusting. So everything will come off and hopefully I’ll find my scissors in the process. They’ve been missing for about a week.

Site Stats:

4 miles today
WATP for 3
Elliptical for 1
407.6 miles since 4/28/08
6.49 miles to Max Meadows, VA, Pulaski County

Picture Of The Day:

Mile 407.6 (watp for 3, elliptical for 1)

407.6 Leslie for 3 Elliptical for 1


(photo credit – Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab)

Keep moving! And a very big congratulations to my brother in-law. He ran a full marathon sometime over the weekend!

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