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ElliptiGO Better Video

I found a more informational video. I’m now going to stalk these guys until they make a trike version. Muhahahaha!


I Want One!!!

About two or three years ago this thought went through my mind. “I wish I could take my elliptical outside. I wonder if they can make an elliptical that moves outside.” My husband’s sarcastic response was “They do. It’s called a bicycle.” Hahaha.

Fast forward to about six months ago. My father in-law mentioned he saw something about an elliptical type bike on the news. I don’t know why I didn’t look into it back then. Maybe I just forgot about it. Then this morning, I was reading a blog post over at The Daily Spark. My wish has been answered. There is an elliptical bike. The ElliptiGO. Here’s he blog post I read this morning on it. Giveaway: ElliptiGO Elliptical Bicycle.

I checked it out on YouTube this afternoon because after I submitted my name for the giveaway, I had doubts. What if it’s like a normal bicycle? I am unable to ride a normal bicycle because of my cerebral palsy. The balance is just not there. Even as a little kid when my balance was better than it is now, I didn’t have the coordination to keep it upright. This is the video that I saw.

Looks like my doubts have merit. I highly doubt I’d be able to keep it upright. Even if I could keep it upright while using it, stopping would be an issue. I’d fall over more than likely. So, a big bummer.

They need to work on a tricycle type of EllliptiGO now. If they ever make a trike version, I’ll be all over it. Well maybe once the price comes down a bit.

My initial reaction when reading the blog was “I want one!!”