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Mileage Monday

Ok, it’s time to finally get caught up with the pictures from the virtual walk site. For a while, each Monday I’ll be uploading about 6 photos. I went through my saved pictures and I have about two months worth of “Mileage Monday” posts. So let’s get to it. There are some good ones coming up.

In the last several months I’ve passed through a few cities and towns in VA. In order, I’ve gone through Cedar Springs (Wythe county), Sugar Grove (Smyth county), Troutdale (Wythe county), Konnarock (Washington county), and Damascus (Washington county).

I am currently about 6.5 mile away from Meadowview, VA in Washington county. My total mileage to date is 490.4 miles. Coming up on the big 500. I’ll do a post on that day for sure. For now, here are the first of many pictures.

Mile 451 (3.1 miles of WATP)                                       Mile 454 (3.1 miles of WATP)

451 Leslie for 3.1                       454 Leslie for 3.1

Mile 455 (1 mile on elliptical)                                        Mile 456 (1 mile on elliptical)

455 Elliptical for 1                       456 Elliptical for 1

Mile 459.2 (3.1 miles of WATP)                                     Mile 460 (1 mile on elliptical)

459.2 Leslie for 3.1                       460 Elliptical for 1

  1. Mom
    October 8, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    Glad to see you back on the road. Keep it up.

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