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Do The iPad Dance!

What, you may ask, is the iPad dance? Well, it’s when you have your iPad (or any tablet) in your lap, and a muscle in your leg decides to go crazy and spasm. A muscle just above my right knee has been going nuts since Friday morning. If I’m not doing anything, it will jump and twitch. It stops whenever I get up and do something, but as soon as I sit down, it’ll start back up again. It doesn’t hurt, it just feel strange.

I was on the couch last night  with my iPad, and it was going crazy. The iPad was dancing, and I just started laughing. It was comical. So, that’s how you do the iPad dance. Hehehe.

I completed my workout yesterday, and I’ve already gotten today’s workout done also. Yesterday I did my strength training as well as a mile on the elliptical. I again met my goal of doing it in 300 revolution chunks. The last 300 chunk Friday was a bit rough, but I pushed through. Then I did the last 100 with no problem. Today’s mile was pretty strong, which surprised me. I thought I might get tired around the 900 rev mark. But I didn’t tire until the last 300 chunk again.

Here are Friday and Saturday’s stats.


Strength Training:

Regular Routine

Cardio – Elliptical:
Distance – 1 mile
Revolutions – 1600
Resistance Level – 1
Endurance – Good. Stopped at 300, 600, 900, 1200, and 1500 revs.
Injury – None
Time – 31:58


Cardio – Elliptical:
Distance – 1 Mile
Revolutions – 1600
Resistance Level – 1
Endurance – Good. Stopped at 300, 600, 900, 1200, and 1500 revs.
Injury – None
Time – 32:10

I had a minor distraction today with the elliptical. Right before I was going to get on, Abby decided to hop in my lap. She didn’t stay long, but I couldn’t say no. I actually took a picture of her since my iPod was sitting right there. Could you say no to a face this cute?


I think not. But as soon as she got down, I got busy. She decided to take a nap on the couch while I did my thing. She’s still snoozing, and it’s been a few hours. Ah, to be a cat. Keep moving.

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