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Music Helps Everything Go A Little Faster

Sunday has been a long day so far, and it’s not even noon. Only had about 5 hours of sleep, thought the husband was working this morning, and was up at 5:30. Turns out, no work (woohoo!), but there was no going back to bed either. Today, I’m dealing with laundry, going through old clothes, and doing a general clean-up of stuff. I’m not exercising today, due to all the other stuff I’m doing. I also have been dealing with muscle knots in my lower right leg (the knee twitch is still there too, heh). So a day off might ease up the knots.

What helps me do all this housework? Music! You all know I have to listen to music when I’m on the elliptical, but I’ve begun listening to it as I clean too. I use Pandora.com to listen to streaming music. I have a variety of play lists to choose from. On the elliptical I use my “cardio list”, which includes (in no particular order) Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga (although I think I might delete her), Nickelback, Bon Jovi, Pink, Katy Perry, and Matchbox Twenty. I need to add Googoo Dolls to that list.

If you remember a long time ago, I said I could only listen to Bon Jovi when I exercised. No more. As a matter of fact…get ready for it…they’re no longer my favorite band. I know, shocker right? Who is my favorite band now? Matchbox Twenty. They came on the music scene back in the mid to late 1990s. Their first album “Yourself or Someone Like You” came out in late 1996, and a few of the more popular songs on that album were “Long Day”, “3 A.M.”, and “Push”. Then came their album “Mad Season” in 2000, and there are too many great songs to list on that one. The album “More Than You Think You Are” came in 2002. Then they vanished for a while. A few members did their solo gigs, and in 2007, they came out with a greatest hits album that had a few new songs.

I was really excited for their new album that came out just a few weeks ago. It’s called “North”, and I absolutely love it. I don’t listen to “real” radio anymore, but their first single that’s on the radio is called “She’s So Mean”. I bought the album on iTunes, and that purchase came with the “She’s So Mean” video. I’ve also subscribed to their YouTube channel.

So, 10 years between albums, and they’re still fantastic. I was tempted to switch my favorite band 10 years ago, but they vanished. Now that they’re back, I’ve switched.

I still like Bon Jovi, don’t get me wrong, but they’re nowhere near the same as they used to be. Time for a change.

All right, time to switch the laundry, and get more stuff done. And drink my iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks. Caffeine is a must today.

That book post that I mentioned a few days ago is coming this week, so be on the look out. In the meantime, keep moving!

Who’s your favorite music group?

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