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Mileage Monday!

Another slow week for mileage, and I can’t think why. Need to get back into the habit of moving everyday, even if it is for only 10 minutes. Here are the two (yes two) pictures from the virtual walk site from last week.

Mile 614.8 (watp for 2 miles)                                Mile 616.8 (watp for 2)

614.8 Leslie for 2                616.8 Leslie for 2


(photo credit – Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab)

Passed through Melvin, KY and have about 10 miles until I hit Mallie, KY in Floyd county.

Keep moving!


Duro-Med Cervical Pillow Review

July 27, 2013 2 comments

Duro-Med Pillow

(Duro-Med Cervical Pillow – photo credit

I bought the Duro-Med Cervical Pillow about three weeks ago, and so far I think it is helping. The true test will be the next several weeks. I bought the pillow a few days after my last chiropractor appointment, and I think my neck was already starting to shift out of alignment.

Before I got the pillow, I was experiencing neck pain, upper back pain, and shoulder pain. I was warned by the chiropractor that these types of pillows were hard, and it would take some getting used to. He was right. However, when it first arrived, I laid down on it, and my neck instantly released. The stress and tension went away, and it had my head a little bit higher so my shoulder and upper back weren’t being squished.

It does indeed take some getting used to. It is a firm pillow, on the verge of being hard. But I got used to it within four to five days. I wasn’t nearly as sore as I was in the mornings. I used to wake up, and my left shoulder would take a few hours to feel normal, and even then it would ache throughout the day.

I did have to put my own pillow case on it though. It does come with a washable cover, but the zipper is jangly and loud, so I just use my own now. Using my own pillow case did make it a bit softer too.

One side has a larger curve than the other, and I do use the larger curve. I feel like I get more support using the larger side. I would recommend this pillow if you have a pinched nerve in your neck, or have any type of neck, upper back, or shoulder pain.

I will say it again, this is a very firm pillow, so don’t get frustrated or annoyed when you use it. Give it a few days to a week to make up your mind. If you’re a Prime Member on Amazon, this pillow goes for about $20. I got mine for $5 since I had a few Amazon gift cards on my account.

Since it is so firm, I do experience some ear pain (not a lot), so I make sure to turn over regularly throughout the night. That’s the most annoying part of the pillow that I can think of.

Overall I do like mine. The next several weeks will be the test for any shoulder pain. I had a chiropractor appointment this morning, and my neck was actually pretty good. It surprised me, since it’s been a whole month since my last appointment. It barely needed to be adjusted. The appointment did relieve my shoulder pain though. So we’ll see what happens from here on out.

Leslie Sansone Videos On YouTube

You already know I own two of Leslie Sansone’s DVDs. I have her 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk and her 5K With A Twist. And you all know that the 5K With A Twist is my favorite. I much prefer her when she’s by herself, and not talking to her friends in the background. I do the 5K With A Twist DVD several times a week, and I love the “boosts” (jogging in place) at the end of every mile. I wanted to find more boosts.

YouTube to the rescue. In the last week or so, I’ve found four videos, two of which I know I’ll be keeping, the other two I might get rid of. Here are the two that I like.

Start Walking 2 Mile

I like this one because it’s only 30 minutes, and she’s by herself. I’ve only done it once, and I enjoyed it. She has some moves in this video that I haven’t done before, so I like the variety. I still moderate some of the moves so I don’t end up on my butt. I remember talking before about the “double side steps” in her DVDs. I have a hard time with those, so I normally do singles. When I did this video, I tried the doubles, and it was easier than I remember. So, I’ll be doing doubles from now on.

Walk away the pounds with Leslie Sansone – Walk Slim: 4 Fast Miles

This one is a longer one, and again, I’ve only done it once. She does have people behind her that she talks to and laughs with, but it has several “boosts”. This is a four mile walk and takes about 45 minutes. It may get annoying as I do it more, but we’ll see. It’s a bit faster i n pace than the 5K With A Twist DVD. The DVD is 3.1 miles and takes about 43 minutes. So you’re getting in an extra mile (well, .9 mile) in this video.

Walk Indoors – Interval

This one I don’t think I’ll be keeping. She has people behind her, and she laughs. I enjoy Leslie, but her laugh drives me bananas. This is only a one mile workout, and I only plan to do just one mile on my sluggish days. I’ll give it one more shot, but it might go bye-bye.

1 Mile Brisk/Fast Walk

I’m guessing this was taped off of someone’s TV, and it’s only a one mile walk. I like this one because it’s a little faster than the 5K With A Twist. Even though it’s not good quality, I think I’ll keep it.

If I find any others that I like, I’ll be sure to do another post on them. Keep moving. You can do a mile in just 15 minutes if you feel like you don’t want to exercise. This is a good way to stay in motion.

Mileage Monday…A Bit Late

Normally I write up my Mileage Monday posts sometime on Sundays. This Sunday was a big blur for me. I woke up at 4:30 AM because we had a loud rain storm, and I was up at that point. Two cups of coffee and a mile on the elliptical didn’t wake me up at all. I took a 45 minute nap (I can’t remember the last time I took a nap), and just felt blurry the rest of the day.

We ended up watching part of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer marathon on SyFy, so didn’t spend too much time on the computer. Went to bed around 9 PM, slept for about an hour and a half, then woke up (one of the reasons I hate taking naps). Took a Melatonin (natural sleep aid, non addictive, and I don’t take them very often) and was out the rest of the night.

Still feeling blurry today for some reason. Might just take today as a rest day (it’s almost noon, and I’ve gotten nothing done), and get moving again tomorrow. I’m glad these blurry days don’t happen often, they’re no fun. Feel like I can sleep for days on end, but when I do fall asleep, I don’t stay asleep. Annoying.

Got some good miles in last week though. I found a few Leslie Sansone videos on YouTube that I’ll be using off and on in combination with her DVD I own and my elliptical. I’ll share those videos in another post. Here are last week’s pictures from the virtual walk site.

Mile 605.4 (watp for 3.1 miles)                              Mile 605.8 (elliptical for .5 mile)

605.4 Leslie for 3.1                 605.8 Elliptical for .5

Mile 609.8 (watp for 4 miles)                                 Mile 611.8 (watp for 2 miles)

609.8 Leslie for 4                 611.8 Leslie for 2

Mile 612.8 (elliptical for 1 mile)

612.8 Elliptical for 1


(Photo credit – Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab)

Keep moving!

Quiet Mileage Monday

It seems it was a quiet week for me on the workout front. Not sure what happened, but I only have two pictures to share. I know Friday I took off because we went to see the movie Pacific Rim. Other than that, no idea. Well…I’ll be getting my booty moving this week. Here are the two pictures from last week on the virtual walk site.

Mile 601.2 (watp for 3.1 miles)                                  Mile 602.2 (elliptical for 1 mile)

601.2 Leslie for 3.1                     602.2 Ellptical for 1

(photo credit – Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab)

Have a great week! Keep moving.

600 Miles On The Virtual Walk

Mark another 100 miles down on the virtual walk site. I passed 600 the other day. My total mileage is actually 602.2. In the last 100 miles I finally crossed over from Virginia to Kentucky. Here are the pictures from the 601.2 point, the normal street view, the map of Kentucky, and the map of the US. It’s good to see progress on the map!

Mile 601.2 street view

601.2 Leslie for 3.1

(photo credit – Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab)

Mile 601.2 Kentucky

Kentucky 601.2 Miles

(photo credit – Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab)

Mile 601.2 USA

USA 601.2 miles

(photo credit – Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab)

Keep moving! On to the next 100 miles.

Walking And Accessibility On Our GA Vacation

Balance(photo credit:

I am so happy to say my walking ability on our trip was probably one of my best times in the last six and a half years (since I started getting healthy again). I felt stable everywhere we went, and I never felt unsure of myself. There’s one day in particular that I was very nervous about, and I’ll get to that day in a minute. Let’s just say I was anxious about this one day for about a month before our trip.

Accessibility on our trip was for the most part OK. Railings, sidewalks, and what-not were great. We even had an upstairs bedroom at our Callaway Gardens cabin, and I maneuvered the stairs just fine. When we arrived at Callaway, I called for a shower chair to be delivered. We actually ended up calling twice before it showed up. It took about 8 hours or so before they actually got it to us. We think that this was the first very busy weekend of the season, and they didn’t have enough chairs to go around. I say this because when it was delivered, it still had the plastic wrapping on the legs. So my guess is that they ran out and had to go buy another one somewhere. At least it showed up, and it worked well.

My walking, like I said, was great. We walked around my sister’s neighborhood (to the pool and back) a few times. During our walk, I would let go and walk on my own for a little while. I slowed down during these times (for some reason I lose speed when I let go), but it felt good to be able to do that. In the grass was easier to walk on my own, but that’s a mental thing I’m sure. Up hill seemed to be pretty easy too for some reason. Strange.

So, the day I was anxious about. This was the day everyone was going to do the Treetop Adventure at Callaway. Before our trip, as soon as I heard the phrase “zip line”, I had mixed feelings. I really wanted to do the zip line, but when I checked it out online and saw there were other “aerial obstacles”, I knew I wouldn’t be doing this activity. So, I started fixating on how I was going to get around that day while my husband was doing this. I knew both my parents were going to be there to help, but I was still anxious.

I’ve written before about being uncomfortable with certain people helping me because of their “body type”, if that makes sense. I don’t feel comfortable with shorter people (particularly women) helping me. I also feel uncomfortable having people help me that have balance issues themselves. So I was a little concerned about my parents helping me (my mom is short and my dad has bad balance sometimes), although they are capable. It’s just my own insecurities.

The treetop adventure day worked out well though. It turned out that there were a bunch of benches right in the middle of the first part of the course. So my husband plunked me down with our camera and I was good to go. My parents and both my nephews hung around for a little while, and then went on to look at the turtles and the ducks in a different area. So, I was happy just to sit and take pictures of random people doing the zip lines and obstacles (which looked tough). Then my husband, sister, brother in-law, and niece had their turn.I made sure to get as many pictures as I could.

As they were going through the course, my sister’s friends came over and watched as well (their two kids were on the course in the same group). I’ll call them H and A to protect their identities. So my sister was apparently concerned about me sitting in the sun (I was in the shade for the most part, but the sun took over for about five to ten minutes). I did re-apply my sunscreen, but she thought I’d be better off moving to another shady spot. So, she asked H to help me over to another bench. This was the one thing I was worried about. And it was happening. I tried to decline saying the shade was going to be back in a few minutes, but my sister wouldn’t take no for an answer (she was in mom mode, heh). So I assessed the situation, and relented. In about a split second I decided H had the same body type and build as my chiropractor. So if I was comfortable with him, I’d be comfortable with H too. So, he moved me over, and it was perfectly fine. No problems at all. So thank you to H and A.

All my worrying was for nothing. A month’s worth of worrying for a five to ten second walk from one bench to another. I feel silly now, but that’s what anxiety and fear can do to you. Makes you over analyze and obsess over silly things. What’s the worst that could have happened? I could have fallen. Ooooh, ahhhh. big deal. I would have been embarrassed, but so what? People fall and get up all the time.

I did have to move one more time, but this time my husband was able to help me. They had to move to a different part of the course (to the lake portion), but they had no guide, so he came and got me.

It was a great trip and I was very glad my walking was as good as it was. Nothing makes a trip more comfortable than when my body is cooperating. If all this had happened a few years ago, I think I would have been in a lot more trouble. So, I’m glad I got my rear in gear and lost the weight and got moving again. Not to mention getting my back fixed. That was one of the main issues I had with walking.

If you made it through my entire vacation recap, good for you! It was a lot. Once I get going though, it’s hard for me to shut up. Can’t wait for our next trip, probably next summer. Who knows what adventures we’ll have then.