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Oops…Error No Mileage Monday Post



(photo credit: blog.extreme-advice.com)

My computer farted this morning, and I had to reinstall Windows 8.  Not sure what happened. I wasn’t even in the same room when it messed up. I came in and found my computer was shut down. When I started it, I got the blue screen of death. I’ve been installing programs and setting this up again for a while. Yippee.

So, no mileage Monday tomorrow. I do have several posts I need to write up and upload. I was hoping to write one of those today, but the schedule hasn’t been posted yet. Leslie Sansone is doing another month-long challenge, and is supposed to be posting the week’s workouts to her Twitter page sometime today. As soon as I get that, I’ll post it. I plan on doing some sort of Leslie Sansone workout every day in October, while still including my elliptical. Even if it’s just one mile (15 minutes) of Leslie Sansone.

Hopefully my computer won’t have any more problems. At least most of my files are stored on the cloud in one place or another. I did lose some stuff, but…that’s life sometimes. Keep moving!

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