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Leslie Sansone’s October Challenge: Week Two Schedule

5K With A Twist

(photo credit – www.collagevideo.com)

Well, week one went OK. I missed two days though, oops. Oh well, on to week two. I don’t plan on missing days this week. I weigh in every Monday morning, and this morning I was down one pound. I actually checked it three times, because I wasn’t sure if the scale was flat on the floor. But the needle was down one tick (yep, a needle scale, still thinking about the FitBit Aria scale).

So, the week two schedule has been posted. Here we go.

Monday, October 7 – 2 (or 3) miles.

Tuesday, October 8 – Full body strength (see the bottom of her blog post).

Wednesday, October 9 – 2 (or 3) miles.

Thursday, October 10 – Full body strength.

Friday, October 11 – 2 (or 3) miles.

Saturday, October 12 – Full body strength.

Sunday, October 13 – 2 (or 3) miles.

There you have it. Two or three miles today. Totally up to everyone as to what they want to do. I’m thinking I may do one or two miles with a DVD and then a mile on the elliptical. No miles to be done Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, but I may do a DVD anyway since I skipped a few days last week.

Keep moving everyone. I have some blog posts I want to put up this week. Still need to write them though. Will work on that today. Have a great week!

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