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This Week’s Workout Schedule


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I love all the trainers on The Biggest Loser. So glad this season has started. I always ask myself every season who I would choose if I could have one of these guys train me. I usually flip flop, but I think I’ve settled on Bob. He can kick your butt, be sympathetic, AND take no excuses from anyone. All at the same time. Plus he seems to have a great sense of humor (I love his laugh). Dolvett is a close second, and Jillian is a close third.

I’ve decided to plan out my workouts for the week from now on. Leslie Sansone’s October challenge made me decide to do that. Having my workouts planned ahead of time made me get it done faster and earlier in the day.

This week’s schedule looks like this:

Monday – Full body strength training and 5K With A Twist DVD

Tuesday – Elliptical for 1 mile

Wednesday – Full body strength training and 5K With A Twist DVD

Thursday – Elliptical for 1 mile

Friday – Full body strength training and 5K With A Twist DVD

Saturday – Elliptical for 1 mile

Sunday – Elliptical for 1 mile or take a rest day depending on how I feel

This schedule does not include any marching in place I will do as I watch TV or my YouTube subscriptions. It also doesn’t include biking. Hopefully I can get my workouts done early in the morning this week. That’s my goal. At least the strength training.

Hope everyone has a successful and active week. Keep moving! Who’s your favorite Biggest Loser trainer?

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