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Getting Caught Up

September 8, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been really lazy with this blog lately, and I need to kick it into gear again. For the last few weeks, I’ve been maintaining still. I go up two or three pounds, then I go down two or three pounds. I had a downward movement on the scale Monday morning which I was pleased to see. After caving into a Dominos pasta bowl last week and also a Big Burger and fries from Carl’s Junior, it was a pleasant surprise. Don’t forget the ice cream with caramel sauce and Oreos either. Pretty bad, Tee, pretty bad.

My exercise was great again last week. I met my goal of strength training three days. I stayed off my right foot again for the most part. I ran a few errands last week with my husband and the foot felt just fine. No pain or twinges at all. Then yesterday we went to see a very bad movie and I thought I felt a small twinge. I was hoping it was just my imagination, but it’s still feeling odd this morning. Not at all like it felt in the beginning. It doesn’t hurt constantly anymore. It feels like when you bend your finger back and leave it there for hours on end. It gets sore and tired from being in that position. I’m still bending that big toe more than I should when I walk. Or I should say, I walk more on my toes rather than the entire foot. I also find that when I sit, my feet are in a strange position. I tuck my feet under my chair, with my toes being bent in a flexed position the entire time. Just tells me I need to wear my shoes. I like being bare foot though darn it. Ah well, on go the shoes today.

I am getting excited about the new season of The Biggest Loser. That starts next Tuesday. I have a slight issue however. There are a ton of shows that are going to be on Tuesday nights, so I probably won’t be able to DVR it. I’ll have to watch it on Demand or on Hulu. The good news is this season will be available online, the bad news is, the shows will be put up a week after they air. So, after the premier, I’ll be a week behind. I’ll have to avoid my reality TV blogs and emails for a while. At least I’ll be able to watch it. And as usual, I’ll go back and forth rooting for Bob’s team and Jillian’s team. I heard a rumor they’re working together this season and not competing. Not sure what’s up with that, I’ll have to read up on it somewhere.

September is here and that means the heat will start to go away. This summer hasn’t been too unbearable. It’s been a cooler summer than in the past. We only got to 120 degrees a few times. It’s mainly been 110 or less. Still hot, but not like it has been. I still remember about three year ago it got up to 126. That summer was awful. So, my guess is it will be below 100 later this month or at the beginning to mid October. Can’t wait. Fall and winter are my favorite times of the year in the desert. Winter especially.

Not a whole lot is going on. Just taking it day by day. I am tempted to try out my foot tomorrow on the elliptical. I really need to move again. I want to and I don’t want to. I want to test it out, because I really do miss my elliptical workouts. I miss the movement, I miss how it brightens my mood, I miss seeing the miles go by on my Virtual Walk tracker. I don’t want to test it out because I don’t want to get on and have it still hurt. That will really bum me out. And I think the latter will happen considering I felt a twinge or two yesterday. But we shall see. Have to think positive. The lack of my elliptical workouts is starting to affect my balance. I’m starting to feel a bit shaky and unstable again. I’m fighting with it though. I have to stop what I;m doing from time to time and tell myself to relax and take it slow, and that I’m not going to fall.

My goals for this week. Stay away from the junk food! I’m out of my chocolate Special K, that’s why I’m going for the junk lately. Ugh. Two days of strength training. I skipped Monday because we went out. Try out my foot and see how goes. Need to get some writing done this week also. The ghost writing site I write for is jumping lately. They’re up to 23,000 writers and the articles disappear as fast as they get put up. And the second site has been empty lately. Need to do my own articles for Associated Content and eHow also. I’ve really been slacking on those. I have a bunch of topic ideas, I just need to sit down and do it.

And that’s all for this beast of a post.

Are you looking forward to The Biggest Loser starting?