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Could Be An Interesting Day

February 13, 2010 2 comments
Well, today hasn’t started out exactly as planned. But let’s back up a bit. Yesterday afternoon, I received a delivery of chocolaty goodness. My parents sent us the yearly Godiva box. Yum!
 As you can see, my husband and I have already dug into the box. I love Godiva. So good.
I woke up this morning at 5:30. My husband had to go out to work for a few hours this morning, and I decided to get up early also to get some writing done. Well, it hasn’t exactly worked out the way I had hoped. I started my morning off as I usually do with this.

Teavana, I love Teavana. I have two cups of green tea in my special Tea mug my mom sent me a few years ago. Yum, it’s a good  way to start the morning. As I was taking the pot out to the kitchen I dropped it, and it spilled tea leaves all over the place. Luckily the pot stayed intact and didn’t break. Thank you tea gods. I ended up vacuuming our room and it wasn’t even 7 AM yet!

I then decided it was probably going to be a long day and I poured myself some of my husband’s left over morning coffee which was still warm. I used to drink coffee all the time, but I added sugar and creamer to it. I haven’t had a cup of coffee for two years. I decided to test myself this morning, to see if I could drink it black. And I did! Surprised me. It wasn ‘t as bitter as it used to be. Very strange. Could this be the beginning of me drinking coffee again? Maybe. Probably not every day, but on early mornings like this, quite possibly.

So, now that I’m all caffeinated, I’m going to get some writing done. I think I have about half an hour before my husband gets back from work, maybe a little more. I can get something written in that amount of time. Must resist reading other blogs. I’m getting behind, but I can catch up later today.

I still need to get breakfast, so maybe I’ll do that first. Honey Bunches Of Oats here I come!


First Day Of New Schedule: Success!

February 12, 2010 2 comments

So yesterday was the first day of my new “work” schedule, and it worked out very well. I spent from 8 AM to 11 AM yesterday morning writing. I wrote one ghost writing article, a blog entry and I got my workout page up and running. I took a 30 minutes for lunch and then realized I didn’t have to work again until 5 in the evening. Since my husband wasn’t back from work yet, I decided to get more writing done. I did a quick vacuum job and took care of the cat box first.

From about 12 PM to 2 PM I spent some time editing articles for eHow and submitting them to the site. I then picked up another ghost writing article and got that turned in as well (a little later in the afternoon). It turned out to be a good thing that I got more writing in. My husband decided to take last night off from his World of Warcraft duties, hehe. He played a little bit of a different game, but quit early so we could get caught up on some shows.

We watched the last episode (series canceled and I’m not sad) of American Choppers. Then we watched the two hour premier of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. Great first episode! My favorites from the Heroes side are Colby, James, and Stephanie (one tough girl there). My pick on the Villains side is Russell and Rob. Next week’s show looks interesting.

This morning I woke up bright and early, around 6 AM, got caught up on e-mail and had my usual green tea. By 8 AM I was in my workout gear and getting busy. Did my usual strength training routine. I didn’t do the Pilates video, I did my normal ab routine, and it felt great. I like switching off between the two options. And I did three sets of “manly” push ups. I haven’t done push ups in several weeks, and I was surprised I could still manage three sets of 15. Felt great. My routine lasted about 55 minutes. I had Bon Jovi’s The Circle album playing, and that lasts about 50 minutes.

I did five minutes after that, finishing my leg routine, so it worked out well. I normally don’t play music during my strength training, but I may just start. Made it go by a lot faster.

Now I’m all showered and changed and I had a banana for a snack. I have a little time before lunch, so I’ll post this and get started with my ghost writing article. The rest of my day is consisting of writing for most of the afternoon. Whatever I can get done. Start more articles for eHow, pick up more ghost writing assignments, you name it. We’ll see how it goes.

Do you have any plans this weekend? Big plans for Valentine’s Day?

Set Up A New "Work" Schedule For Myself

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment

The other day I had the idea of setting up some sort of “work” schedule. I tend to procrastinate when it comes to getting any writing done. I read e-mail and blogs, play on FaceBook and Twitter, and I never get any actual writing done.

I’ve finally set up a schedule and it seems to be working so far. The hours of “work” are sort of random depending on the day. I plan to exercise Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and don’t plan to write until 10 AM. Then Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday I plan to write in the evenings for a few hours while my husband has a scheduled event in World of Warcraft. I plan on taking Saturdays off entirely, but I may write here or there anyway.

This is all just a tentative schedule. If it works, great, if I make tweaks here and there, fine. Just as long as I get some sort of writing done most days of the week. I’ll be happy with that. So far today, I’ve gotten an article for a ghost writing site done, and I finally got my workout page set up here on Blogger.

I’ve got an hour before I eat lunch, and I plan of editing some articles for eHow, and I’ll upload those to that site probably later this evening. So yeah, the schedule will work pretty well I think. As long as I resist the temptation to read blogs. That’s my biggest time sink at the moment. I love reading other people’s blogs, and seeing what they’re up to.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I intend to get back into my exercise routine. I plan on doing my normal workout routine tomorrow. I’ll see how close I come to my scheduled 10 AM writing date. I have a feeling I’ll be early, which is fine. Once I get back on my elliptical, that 10 AM deadline will be harder to make. But make it I will.

Do you all have a set schedule you keep for getting things done? How flexible are you with it? Do you have any time sinks like FaceBook or blog reading that get in the way?

New Page Feature On Blogger And Other Things

February 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Thank you to Google, and to Blogger for adding an “About” page to their layout! And thank you to the Absolute Write forums for pointing this out! I’ve now got an actual “About Tee” page instead of a blog post that I used to link to in my info section (over on the right by my pic). I’ve been wanting an About Me page ever since I started this blog. So thank you, thank you, thank you, for this new feature on Blogger!

The weather in the southern CA desert has been really strange the last few months. Cloudy, and rainy. I’m not sure if it’s rained at all here today yet, but I think it did early in the morning. It’s cloudy, that’s for sure. I’m loving this weather. Highs are still nice, in the 70s, and I’m enjoying that as well.

On the writing front of things, it’s going very well. For one of my ghost writing sites that I write for, I got a few Direct Orders. A Direct Order is when someone who wants an article written sends the order directly to you and not to the public section for anyone to pick up. I was really surprised when I got the e-mails letting me know I had Direct Orders waiting for me. I actually did a double take. I was giddy for a few hours following that. Direct Orders also mean I get paid more for the articles, and that’s a big incentive to keep writing. I got all three articles written and turned in last night and they’ve been accepted, so that’s a great sign. I let the customer know that I’m available if they need anything else written (it’s good etiquette to follow up with a customer to keep the work coming your way).

As far my exercising goes, well, I’m slacking. I skipped most of last week, mostly because I was lazy, but I was still a little under the weather (still have an annoying cough that won’t seem to leave). But come Monday, I’m back at it. Oh! I just realized, with the new page section on Blogger, I can set up a page strictly for my workout exercises that I do. I was just planning on writing a post, but I may as well get up an actual page for it. Much easier for people to access it, rather than digging through posts to find it.

How’s your weekend going? Do you have wild weather where you live?

Quick Little Post

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m still not quite 100%. I’m still dealing with a stuffy nose and a cough. And headaches come and go at random times. I was hoping this cold would have been gone by now, but it still lingers. It’s annoying, and I still lose energy if I do too much.

I was able to do a quick workout Monday. I did 20 minutes of my pilates video, and my floor arm routine. I plan on writing up the exercises I do regularly and posting them here to my blog for you all to get an idea of what I do three days a week.

I’ve been getting more writing done lately which is good. I still need to work on getting a set schedule set up. I find myself checking email and reading blog posts more often than I should. I have conquered the FaceBook problem though. I used to “play” several games one there and I’ve cut those out. They were a time sink and just silly. I’m thinking about taking a five or ten minute break ever 90 minutes to check mail and blogs and then getting back to it. That sounds like a good deal.

Not a whole lot is going on today. I’m still fighting this cold, like I said, and am taking it easy. Tomorrow I plan on doing more pilates and arm work. And of course more writing.

This is kind of a wimpy entry, but I thought I needed to write something just to keep me in the habit. Keep on moving everyone!

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